StudyBays.Me – 13 and No. Being in good shape, not only have extensive knowledge, but also in itself produce a “skeleton settings” associated with important values ​​for us. It is also a necessary step in the development of their personality – not enough to absorb a specified pool of messages or be proficient in a variety of subject skills, you also need reflective approach to reality, to rethink many issues, and thus develop certain attitudes. An eloquent commentary on this issue may be the title of the book American psychologist Raja Raghunath If you’re so smart, why are not you happy? (If you’re so smart, why are not you happy? [1]). What else makes shaping the attitudes of the future of the school? Thanks for caring attitudes in school, we make Polish education is not cut off from the needs of the market and future employers of our students. Today we know that the hard competence and specific, specialized skills are not everything. What most employers complain? Not the poor preparation of graduates substantive, but rather the deficiencies within the competence of soft or just in attitudes, which represent about jobs, wages, co-workers or superiors. Last but not least: shaping attitudes in school, education in young people subjectivity, self-awareness and autonomy – all these features, which are needed to build a mature civil society. Research Professor Czapiński show that in Poland we have an extremely weak social capital, which carries many negative effects, including (and perhaps especially) in 繼續閱讀 “StudyBays.Me – 13 and No.”